12th International Dance Festival Warsaw CI FLOW

Warsaw CI Flow is a festival that has developed under the influence of trends shaping contact improvisation over the last 11 years. The next two editions of the festival will attempt to create space for exploring contact improvisation as a cultural and social phenomenon. When building the festival program, we think holistically and address various needs to create a space for the practice of CI and study of interpenetrating approaches and methods. We perceive contact improvisation as a complex phenomenon which, as a communication system, becomes a tool of self-exploration and of change at the level of perception. It is an instrument of creation and learning about relationality. We strive to create a space for science, research and experiment, both in the area of CI and in a wider context.

This year we invite you to the festival in two parts: Performative project between August 16-22 (https://fb.me/e/7hwrwwNzs) and the workshop part on August 23-28 (https://fb.me/e/4aikIiysP). The program abounds in intensive workshops, CI classes, lectures, talks, dance jams and work sharings. Details on the website: www.polandcontactimprovisation.com or https://www.facebook.com/warsawflowfestival

Andrew Wass (US/GER)
Vega Luukkonen (FIN)
Isabelle Uski (FR)
Emma Bige (FR)
Otto Akkanen (FIN)
Marysia Stokłosa (PL)
Alexandra Schwartz (GER)
Ann Cooper Albright (US)
Lisa Nelson (US)
Zuza Bukowski (GER/PL)
Ksenia Opria (PL/UKR)
Andrzej Woźniak (PL)
Iwona Olszowska (PL)

Kasia Tekielska (PL)
Maciej Remiszewski (PL)
Kuba Dykiert (PL)
Zofia Tomczyk (PL)
Bez i Nadzieja (PL)

This year’s edition of the festival is agian organized in an atmosphere of awakened sensitivity and readiness, which is a consequence of uncertainty and constant changes. Despite the extraordinary time and in response to the need to find new channels of communication, we try to create the possibility of dancing regardless of the difficulties caused by the global pandemic. We want to enable the continuity of creative research and deepening the practice of CI. By listening to our intuition, increasing self-awareness and deepening our perception, we want to support transformation at the individual and group level.

Angelika Mizińska
Natalia Oniśk
PR: Paweł Świerczek
Graphic design: Zuza Suwik
Photos: Kasia Sołtys
Video documentation: Mary Szydłowska

Co-financing: City of Warsaw, Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports
Patronage: Narodowy Instytut Muzyki i Tańca
Partners: U-jazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, MDK Łazienkowska
Media partners: E-Teatr, Kwartalnik Taniec, Kwestia Kultury, Presto, Radio Klang, RDC
Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the “Dance” program, implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.