A flash of inspiration

Body and brush improvisation workshops

Unique workshops starting the summer of 2021, which combine two techniques that awaken your creative potential. Dance and painting will support and complement each other. Participants will learn with every sense what the passion for creation, experiment and creative courage is. Through the workshops, they will experience different ways and possibilities of expressing their emotions through colours and through movement. Thanks to this, they will get closer to the essence of their inner artist in a friendly and supportive environment of other artists and guides in a joint journey. The main goal of the project is to develop self-awareness through creative activities in the Vedic Art intuitive painting technique, and techniques of working with the body, such as improvisation, contact improvisation, authentic movement. Additional goals are to deepen interpersonal relationships, strengthen contact with nature as well as reduce stress and tensions by working with the body and practising mindfulness in manual actions.

June 19-27, 2021 Manor house in Bronk.

Grażyna Cholewińska
Paulina Święcańska

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