Creating with the body, Shaping with movement

Contact Improvisation Laboratory for children and adults is a festival bonus of the 11th edition of the Warsaw CI FLOW International Dance Festival for the youngest. We invite children and adults to participate in free of charge workshop Creating with the Body, Shaping with the movement.

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How does space affect us?
How do we react to changes in our environment?
Urban space and the surroundings with nature?

We spend most of our lives in a confined space or in an “organized” external space.
This obliges us to follow certain rules. Predefined attitudes or behavior patterns.
Through play, movement and dialogue, we will discover various ways of creating the space around us and the possibilities of influencing it.
The basic assumption of the project is to learn about a new form of non-verbal communication, building and deepening family ties through work with the body and physical contact.
Thanks to the joint activities and experience of children and adults, we have the opportunity to support the development of relationships in the family, and therefore the development of the child and its future.

Led by: Magdalena and Maja Brzozowska
September 5-6, 2020 
The Krasiński Garden, General Władysława Andersa street, Warsaw 

* CI- abbreviation of Contact Improvisation More about this technique:
Project organizer: PERFORM Artistic Foundation
Partner: Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle
Cooperation: Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, Institute of Music and Dance
Media Patrons:, Theater for All, Kwestia Kultury,
Project co-financed by the Capital City of Warsaw