Dance film EDGE

“EDGE” is a story about a relationship between two people, balancing “on the edge”. It is full of various emotions and set in an environment affected by global pandemic and women’s protests in Poland. We wanted not to give easy answers, but rather provide keys to interpretation for possible stories that could have happened and happened in one of the most difficult moments in the modern world. 2020, the year of the global pandemic and, in the case of  Poland, the year of massive demonstrations to protect the rights of women and the LGBT+.

The film uses the Modal Underground dance technique, which is very physical and based on close contact. It contains a number of archetypal elements – including a strong division into the male and female roles, which gives this story an even more political and social context. Balancing on the brink of perdition and destruction in many fields of human existence is an always present element of our times. Which, without radical actions and awakening of consciousness, can lead to a catastrophe. EDGE portrays tense human stories, but it is the viewer who writes his own ending, in accordance with his own conscience and worldview.

Technical specifications:
shooting format: MP4 H264
aspect ratio: 16:9

Film premiere date: 21.01.2021 rok
Duration: 14’17

Movie creators:
Concept, script, directing: Paulina Święcańska
Director’s support: Jakub Półtorak
Choreography: Thierry Verger
Character creation, dance: Claire Saintard, Marek Klajda
Photos and film editing: Paweł Głogowski
Music: Anna Jędrzejewska
Graphics: Jakub Zalewski
Makeup: Natalia Kordek

Production: Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury
Organizer: Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM

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