INSPIRATIONS/ The Creative Group

As part of the project Workshops of Movement Theatre Inspirations, this year Garwolin will host the project Creative Group on-line with the Gloves theater group and friends. The classes will be conducted by Paulina Święcańska – choreographer and culture animator.

The project is an experimental version of running a creative group based on Julia Cameron’s “The Artists way” in an on-line form. It is a 12-step journey into oneself related to strengthening the creator in himself, awakening creativity, naming and defining his current artistic position and unblocking mechanisms that slow down our creative activities. The whole process is based on trust, listening, tasks, exercises and discussions aimed at stimulating young and old amateur artists to seek their individual artist path.

During the creative process, a dance film will be made entirely by the Twórczy Grona group in Garwolin.

Participants: Glove Theater and friends from Garwolin.
Host: Paulina Święcańska
Duration: 6.06-29.08.2020, every Saturday.
Organizers: Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, Center for Sport and Culture in Garwolin, PERFORM Artistic Foundation.