LABORATORIES & SUNDAY Contact Improvisation JAMS

From January 12th to 21st of June 2020, every Sunday from 6pm to 7pm we invite you to the Mazowiecki Institute of Culture for CI LABORATORY, followed by Contact Improvisation JAM with an introduction from 7pm to 9.30pm.

LAB+JAM is a continuation of Sunday Jams, that between 2018-2019 took place as part of the Dance Arts Center project in Warsaw. The Dance Arts Center in 2020 is a project without financing from the capital city of Warsaw.

Warsaw CI Community with the support of the Mazovian Institute of Culture, that provides the space, out of the community initiative decided to continue Jams in 2020. Besides, the group of Warsaw practitioners will run a series of hour-long laboratories on KI. More info below.

Laboratory is a space of exploration / experiment / learning / conversation.Every Sunday for an hour we will work in different ways with the proposed subject/ topic / question / element / elements of CI technique. Laboratories are initiatives of Warsaw CI practitioners. They are aimed at both beginners and more advanced. Please be on time. Please also note that it is not possible to join the laboratory after it has started – after 6pm. However, you can join every selected Sunday. Laboratories do not aim for a closed group.

Jam is a shared space within which we will practice contact improvisation. More about ​​CI Jams:

We invite all people from the age of 16 years old, interested in CI jams, both beginners and advanced.
Jams and laboratories are free. Admission is free, no need to sign up. We only sign the attendance list (statistics needed to determine how many people attend the event). If you want to attend, please be 10 minutes before class. You can come to the lab and stay in Jam, come to the laboratory only or Jam only. We kindly ask people not attending laboratories, who will come to the jams, not to enter the room before 7pm.

PLACE: MIK / ul. Elektoralna 12 / Ballet Hall / 2nd floor
ORGANIZERS: Artistic Foundation PERFORM
Project partner: Mazowiecki Institute of Culture

Fot. Marta Ankiersztejn