On April 26, the organizers of Sunday laboratories and jams, contact improvisation, took part in the #tańczMY campaign related to the celebration of the international dance day (April 29, 2020), initiated by the Institute of Music and Dance.

Due to the prevailing pandemic, we were not able to dance together at the Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, but we could act in a different dimension.

In the group of Sunday jam leaders, two projects were created, which on April 26 (Sunday – our regular jam day) were implemented together.

1. Landscape of sensitive places – conversation and reflection in the framework of the laboratory about what our practice is, contact improvisation, how to use its resources now. The meeting was held at 6:00 PM and lasted over an hour.
The meeting was facilitated by: Angelika Mizinska, Ksenia Opria and Natalia Oniśk
Over 15 participants took part in the virtual meeting.

2. A dance film created in the times of a pandemic, concerning artistic reflection on the contact improvisation technique. “The world has turned upside down. Improvisation took on a new meaning. What is left of contact improvisation if you take the other person? What can you lean on / lean on when there is no partner? ”
Film production: Hanna and Michał Jurczak
Dancing: Hanna Jurczak, Paulina Święcańska, Julia Tomiczek

Both actions arose out of the talks Laboratorium i Niedzielny Jam Kontakt Improvisation (Tomasz Domański, Hanna Jurczak, Tomasz Kawka, Angelika Mizińska, Natalia Oniśki, Ksenia Opria, Robert Pyciarz, Asia Sieradzan, Paulina Święcańska, Julia Tomiczek, Andrzej Woźniak) as part of the Central Dance Stage.


The author of the graphic Collage & Traces III is Daniela Schwartz (used with the artist’s consent).