“Streaming” Work in progress

A fairy tale about the creation of the world, the mythological elements of male and female energy, good and evil, heaven and earth, yin and yang energy. These are the indispensable nature of existence. One cannot exist without the other. For thousands of years the pattern has been known, its laws respected, but what was at the beginning before the world was created? Movement, energy, sound, feeling? What is divinity? Does life exist only as there is movement?

Streaming is an attempt to outline energy, an abstract vision of the creation of the world. Interest in this subject arose from the need to go beyond the scheme of functioning in material reality and its overwhelming nature.

In the work in progress presentation formula, you can afford a large dose of the experiment, stage research and play with form. In this work, we used contemporary techniques, contact improvisation, authentic movement, as well as intuitive singing.Together we are looking for inspiration for movement, music, themes while passing through the magical world of mystery about the beginnings of existence.

Concept & choreography: Paulina Święcańska
Dance & choreography: Angelika Mizińska & Michał Adam Góral
Music: Anna Szyszka
Duration: 40 minutes
Work in progress demonstration: 12/12/2019 Mazovian Institute of Culture