We officially announce the date and invite you to the 11th edition of the International Dance Festival Warsaw Contact Improvisation Flow (with a slightly changed name). The festival will take place between 20-25th of August. We also officially inform about the new festival curator, who is Angelika Mizinska. Let the next generation of dancers and curators create Warsaw CI Flow with passion, enthusiasm and a heart full of love for the Contact Improvisation technique.

The 11th edition of the festival is organized in the atmosphere of aroused sensitivity and readiness, which is a consequence of uncertainty and constant change. Despite the extraordinary time and in response to the need for finding new communication channels, we try to create an opportunity to dance, regardless of the difficulties caused by the global pandemic. Through a multilayered, free exploration of movement and creativity, we strive to create a space for research and practice. While working on our adaptability and responsiveness, we will listen to our intuition and look for internal strength and creativity.


We will be extremely happy if you reach us in person, however, we also invite you to participate online. Following the dynamically developing new trends and in order to reach those who will not be able to reach us, the festival program is expanded to include activities in the Internet space. Not wanting to lose the essence of CI and trying to enable practice, we invite you to participate in online activities in duets, trios and groups.


Stationary festival:

Online festival: 

The number of festival participants will be limited in order to maintain safety and because of the introduced regulations. We will ensure the highest possible level of safety in the practice space, but we believe in a sense of solidarity and responsibility for each other. We will have a choice and a chance to dance solo and duo, maybe in small or bigger groups, outside and inside. Together we will consider what we need to feel safe when practising and how to use CI resources in the current situation.

Festival is open to all levels of experience. We strive to be as inclusive as possible and will make every attempt to accommodate those who approach us with accessibility needs.

You can find all information on our website:

Co-financed by The Capital City of Warsaw

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