About Foundation

PERFORM Artistic Foundation is an organization focused on the promotion of performative art. The Foundation was created because there was a need for a new platform where independent artists can work on new ideas and develop creative projects combining dance, theater, music, visual art, and performance. Presently, the activities ran by the foundation focus also on the educational and social aspects of arts creating the space for exchanging the experience on the international level.

Our mission is to create opportunities for development, both for artists who are looking for ways to fulfill their potential as well as for young people who want to develop their potential. The idea is to create a platform for an exchange of experiences and skills and support each other on individual paths of personal and professional growth. Contemporary art gives us a chance to better understand the world around us and the worlds inside of us. It helps us to express ourselves and to understand more our environment. Dance, movement, music are the languages of our bodies, our emotions, our hearts. Learning those languages not only helps us to express ourselves better but also enhance the communication with others and increase the empathy. With our activities we want to change the world for more open, filled with respect and support. We want to support those who want to change the world with their dreams by their commitment, determination, and passion.



Paulina Święcańska


Researcher of cultural events, choreographer, performer, coach and manager. Educated at the universities in Zielona Gora, Lodz and Warsaw. She gained professional experience in coaching programs in most European countries as well as Israel, Brazil, India, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, Japan and the USA.

As a leader and manager of culture, co-organized the Warsaw Festival of Independent Art Re:wizje.

Organizer and Artistic Director of the 1st Contact Improvisation in Poland  Warsaw Flow in 2010-2019 www.polandcontactfestival.com.

Currently, she co-creates the PERFORM Art Foundation www.perform.org.pl, through which she implements artistic, social and educational projects, working with artists of various fields and professions. In her professional work, she uses techniques such as contact improvisation, authentic movement, improvisation, bodywork, animal flow, space composition, physical theatre, ecstatic dance, pilates.


Angelika Mizińska


Constantly between dance, performance and practice of various forms of physical activity, Angelika is a dynamically developing dance artist, actively working in different areas which include performance, regular dance practice, participation in dance and choreographic initiatives as well as project facilitation. She believes versatility broadens our self-consciousness, allowing us to open ourselves for the world around and to learn from one another. From a young age, she has been interested in the broadly understood physical activity, and this fascination with movement led her to the first dance class.

She graduated from Coventry University in Great Britain, obtaining first-class honours degree in Dance and Performance Making. During her studies, she received a scholarship, which enabled her to study at the University of Illinois in the USA and participate in a performance project at the Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonia. Her practice is rooted in improvisation, CI, contemporary dance and somatic practices. Angelika is constantly implementing her practice with practical and theoretical knowledge from other movement practices and expanding her knowledge of the art of dance and performance. She is following her versatile interests and actively seeking answers to constantly new questions.

She is certified Yoga teacher (Ashtanga / Dynamic Vinyasa) and is currently developing her teaching skills in practice. In her work, she encourages participants to look for precision and to focus on the details of alignment. She believes that listening to ones body and active cultivation of deeper awareness allows us to transfer mindfulness from the mat to everyday life.

Inspired to create opportunities for the development of art, believing in its causative power and out of the willingness to broaden its accessibility- she is currently studying Culture and Media Management (with major in Contemporary Culture) at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.


Sylwia Federico


Sylwia Federico worked for many years as a teacher in public schools and manager of cultural projects in several organizations in Warsaw. She studied English Philology and Cultural Studies but mostly she was gaining the knowledge from international training courses, practical workshops and direct experience. For several years she was responsible for international cooperation and promotion of film festival such us OFF/ON Warszawa or Grand OFF: Independent FIlm Awards. She was a Vice-Director of Re:visions Independent Art Invasion which was promoting over 100 organizations. For many years she has been organizing international projects finances by European Union. Presently, she works as a trainer and facilitator of international training courses on personal development and non-formal methods of learning.


Magdalena Brzozowska

Performer, instructor, architect. A graduate of the University of London – Birkbeck, major in performance and dance. Certified dance instructor and personal trainer recognized by the Polish Sports Academy in Warsaw. Graduate of the 1st and 2nd degree of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ecology and Management.
She shaped her dance experience and practice as a dancer in international groups and at festivals and workshops in Great Britain, Germany, Israel and Poland. She is an author and dancer of improvised performances created in collaboration with dancers and musicians from the international and Warsaw dance scene, including “Move it show”, “Collabo” – Stradford Circus Theater, Great Britain. “(Not) seriously feminine”, “Performative Project for dancers” – Warsaw CI Flow Festival. Author of improvised performance in cooperation with an intuitive musician and drummer – Piotr Dąbrowski – “Whirl of air”, creator of videoclips: “Meeting”, “Alternative”.
Teacher of the 11th edition of the Contact Improvisation Festival Warsaw CI Flow, the CI Laboratory for children and adults – “Creating with the body, shaping with movement”. The founder of “Kontaktuj z dzieckiem”- together with her daughter she is conducting meetings and movement workshops encouraging children and adults to play together through movement.
Gaining experience in various dance techniques, she looks for an answer to the source of movement, as a tool of interpersonal communication. For several years associated with contact improvisation and improvisation, she explores the truth and naturalness in the body. Working with images, it relies on high awareness, the harmony of body and mind.
Since the birth of her daughter, she has been interested in the natural and free motor development of humans and non-verbal communication. In working with children, she uses techniques of contact improvisation, improvisation and free movement. She draws inspiration from physical games involving the adult and the child practice of contact and communication based on partnership and mutual listening through the body.


PERFORM was founded in June 2011 by Paulina Święcańska and Małgorzata Kołoda, who after several years of cooperation decided to open non-government organisation that served them to create high-quality artistic projects open and available for diverse target groups. Throughout 2 years of working together and learning from each other, they cooperated with a lot of interesting people from Poland and abroad, creating art projects that had a social impact on the development of art and culture in Warsaw.

From 2013 till 2015 Paulina Święcańska closely cooperated with Małgorzata Gajdemska, thanks to whom, the Foundation expanded its activities and developed on the organizational level. After few years of intensive work, the Foundation has gained a lot of trust from local associations and public institutions which led to creating two multi-annual projects: Warsaw Flow: International Contact Improvisation Festival and Warsaw Dance Scene.

All projects carried out by the foundation are open for ideas coming from artists. Thanks to long-term cooperation with individual artists, local community, and public sector, performative art was brought to people socially, culturally or economically excluded.

In November 2018 will organize international training course „Invisible Power: Unlock the Emotional Connection” in the framework of Erasmus+ Program. The project aims at broadening the international cooperation and promote the methods and techniques that are used to work with social inclusion.