Kontakt improwizacja a performance


On-line publication, which includes the following texts in Polish and English:
A short story – Lisa Nelson & Nancy Stark Smith;
A question of Performance – John William Jonhson;
Interview with Lisa Nelson – Lisa Nelson & Olga Sorotina (Poczdam, Germany- Tanztage, June 2000);
The great divide two strings of dance improvisation – Cyrus Khambatta;
Juxtaposition, Statement written by Steve Paxtona around year 1977. Printed in Contact Quarterly vol. 12:2
Contact Improvisation and its influence on contemporary dance practice – Sara Shelton Mann, Friederike Plafki,Peter Pleyer and others, excerpts from the Tanzfabrick Panel Discussion organised by Jess Curtis & Karen Schaffman;
Post/Contakt: Seven class description proposing ongoing experiments in dancing and performing under the influence of Contact Improvisation- Keith Hennessy;
Emergent Improvisation where dance meets science on the nature of spontaneous composition -Susan Sgorbati with Emily Climer and Marie Lynn Hass;
Towards the economy of Consciousness in Performing Contact Improvisation- Ray Chung teborg, May 2015;
The Woman project socio-cultural animation, using improvisation and Contact Improvisation in the creation of the performance – Paulina Święcańska.
Warsaw 2015

Concept: Paulina Święcańska
Support: Nancy Stark Smith
Coordination of publications, proofreading and editing of texts: Małgorzata Gajdemska, Agnieszka Grenckowska
Publisher: Artistic Foundation PERFORM